3oh3 - Hornz chords

Capo on 2
Standard tuning

Em(Day One) A chaple and glistening
G(Day Three) The sun is shining on a perfect beach
Em(Day Six) A train that isn't whistling
G(Day Ten) and I don't want to see you off again
EmWe know the most crunk
GIndie city choking chimeny-sweeper,
EmTurn up your radio
G CThe song we play will blow the speakers
EmDon't stop whistlin'
GTo let them know what they've been missing
EmTurn the jukebox on
G CThe song we play will blow the system
Verse (same chords) Chorus x2 (Same chords)
EmNo one's been, no one's been
GThe cherry in that eye
EmAnd it's burning under my skin
GCarrying, carrying
EmThe lady back to work
CBut that should be the first thing
EmNo one's been, no one's been, ooh
GThe carpenter I've been
EmBuilding you this cabinet
GBurying burying
EmThose heroes as they're gasping
C (end on G)But that should be the last thing
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