3oh3 – Rip chords

Left handed
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3OH!3 – R.I.P.

Capo 3rd Fret

Em C GThis town, used to be a pretty place to stay,
C EmA place you'd stop off from the highway,
C But all of those things,
G C Changed on the day, you packed up your bags and you ran away,
Em CALl they say, is how you've changed,
G C Em Ceveryday, I stay the same, so you can keep the necklace That I gave to you,
G CI'll keep the shitty tattoos,
Em CI can see it from the other side the grass is in a way as green,
Gand the house is burned to ashes,
CI'm no longer in between,
Em G C GR.I.P, R.I.P,you, and, me.
(2x) Same pattern the whole song: Verse 2: I count, the empty bottles upon the bar, but I give up I can't count that far, and the lights in this place, are to dim to see, they're kicking me out, it's quarter past 3, they tell me, you're all I got, I just need these dreams to stop, You can keep the necklace I gave to you, I'll keep the shitty tattoos. Chorus: Verse 3: In the back of the car, On the way to your home, In the pouring rain, On the side of the road, In the light of the street, On the recline of the seat, You told me I should move on(2x)
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