3oh3 – Streets Of Gold chords

another attempt to bring the synthesizer onto the guitar...

this is just to sing the song along with the sound of the guitar.

Capo 3 
[but you can switch it where ever you think its appropriate for your voice]
fill the gaps with some strumming of the previous chord:

Bm G You can say it all
DAnd I can bite my tongue
AmCause it would take all week
BmTo tell you where I'm from
GI know what your about
DWhy don't you close your mouth?
AmAnd step right over here
So we can dance this -[out]-
Bm GThese lazy days are way to long
D Am Like razor blades, under your tongue
Bm GAnd the city lights, will burn you down
D Am[stop strumming] Bm GOr build you up, high above the ground
D Am Bm G High above the ground, high above the ground
D AmHigh above the ground
..rest should be obvious...
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