3union - Its Over Now chords

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INTRO:  |  B      |  F#      | G#m    | E       |

B F#Hey, itís a new day
G#mTake a breath itís OK
EItís over now
B F#Hey, keep on moviní on
G#mLet your heart be strong
EItís over now
E F# Let it go leave it all behind
G#m ANothiní left to fear, nothiní left to hide
BItís over now
F#I can see the sunlight, in your eyes
G#mEverything is all right
Itís all right
EItís over now
Verse: Hey, the past will all fade To the memories of yesterday Itís over now Hey, this is your moment Do you know you want it Itís over now PreChorus: Is this everything you want it to be Is this everything you want it to be So turn around Welcome to your new life inside Everything is all right All right Itís over now
B F# EHey, itís a new day
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