3union – Hopeless Romantics chords

INTRO:  ||:  B       F# |  E          :||

B F#Lori she goes
EStuck on a tangent
B F#The look of her clothes
EHer new date replacement
B F#She puts on a show
EWith some shallow statement
E And then she said that he
E Is super into me
She really knows What’s on the inside It’s not in her clothes Or anything she buys It’s in her soul Not in the next guy
E She’s just a beauty queen
E Workin' at Burger King
E She’s only 17
E Lookin' for what love means
B F#We are, we are
EHopeless romantics
B F#Falling in love
ECan’t understand it
B F#We are, We are
EHopeless romantics now
Dean “the machine” Talks with his biceps Thinks he’s so sweet As he puts in his reps Thinks he’s a dream Flexing his triceps And then he said that she Is super into me He really sees What’s on the inside He’s no machine Just another big guy Maybe he dreams That there’s more to this life He’s only second string Of the JV team He’s only 23 Looking for what love means
F#I’d like to conclude
EThe moral to the story
F#Whether you’re a big dude
EOr whether your name’s Lori
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