4fun - Love Or Leave chords

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Intro: Cm  Gm  G#  Cm  G

Cm Fm GmStars in the sky
Cm Fm BWhen the shadows fall, when the sunlight dies
D# B Empty streets are filled, with the pale lamplight
Gm G# Fm GWe are just two lonely shades, walking in the night
Cm Fm GmWords lose their sense
Cm Fm BWhen I feel you near, when I touch your hands
D# BI'm trying not to think that at break of dawn
Gm G# Fm GYou'll be gone and I'll be lost, numb and all alone
G# B D# G# When the morning comes, I'm all alone
B G G#Left to live another day, in joy or sadness on my own
B D# G#When the morning comes, I'm all alone
BEvery time at break of dawn
Cm Fm GmWeak and unwise
Cm Fm B I betray all fears that I should disguise
D# BMelting in your arms, I fail to realise
Gm G# Fm GWhy the mornings always change the colour of your eyes
G# B D# G#When the morning comes, I'm all alone
Every time at break of dawn Chorus (x2)
Cm GmLove or leave, I'm with and without you
G# Cm BHow come I am up to this senseless game?
Cm GmHow could I stop thinking about you?
G# D# BLove or leave, don't play with my heart again...
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