50 Cent - Ayo Technology Acoustic tab

Okay, so this is a very easy song to play, I heard the acoustic verision here:

I didnt make it myself, but I thought I'd tab it :)

It goes like this:
Capo on seventh, and all notes are played as if capo is zero:

Em Dsus2 CE||---0----------------|--0-----------------|-0------------------|B||---0----------------|--3-----------------|-1------------------|G||---0----------------|--2-----------------|-0------------------|D||---2----------------|--0-----------------|-0h2----------------|A||---2----------------|--------------------|-3------------------|E||---0----------------|--------------------|--------------------|
Thats the chord progression throughout the song, and the Em is played 2/4 of the time the same rythm... So if you played the Em 4 times you play the D in the same pace but only and then the C in the same pace but only twice, as said, watch to the video to understand. Listen to the song for strum rythm :)
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