6 Cycle Mind - Clown tab

Band - 6 cycle mind
Song - Clown
Album - Panorama
Tab by: Roberto Asino
Tunning: Standard

/*This is the plucking tab of this song, I hope that its accurate. Try to jam with the
music and you will see. Supply some parts of this tab in chorus and refrain of the song.
For the chords, just try the verse 2 of clown chords in this site, its more accurate.*/

Intro: (Drum Beat)

Bass: Guitar 2A-------------2-----|E---7//////---------|
*Lead: Guitar 1e-----7---5---3----|B------------------|G---4---4---4------|D------------------|A------------------|E------------------|
Bass: Guitar 2 A----2--------------|
Lead: Guitar 1e-----3-----5--5s7---3---|B------------------------|G---4---4----------------|D------------------------|A------------------------|E------------------------|
Bass: Guitar 2 A------2-------------| (Repeat * 2x)
Lead: Guitar 1e-----7---5---3---|---////---12--10----------|B-----------------|------------------12--10--|G---4---4---4-----|--////--------------------|D-----------------|--------------------------|A-----------------|--------------------------|E-----------------|--------------------------|
/*Sequencial lang mga tol 2ng tab ko.. salitan lang ang bass at lead, pero sa mga magagaling pagsabayin n ninu.. magaling nmn kau eh.. ^^.. my notice nmn ako kung kailan kau magloloop ng pattern.. (For Loop)=====>pounch line only...*/
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