69 Eyes - Wasting The Dawn chords version 1

EBeen runnin' away
A E C#mso long from the day
E AInto the strange night of stone
E C#mTo fade away
EAs the light is gently
A E C#mBleedin' out of my soul
EPenetratin' the evening
AAs I ride
E On this endless road
E G#mBut you can't turn back the time
A BIt always gonna wait on the line
E G#mSome may wish never to be born
A E C#mWastin' the dawn
E G#mLike a rose growin' from the Christ's thorn
A B C#mWastin' the dawn
Verse 2 (Same chords as in Verse 1): Been waitin' for you for so long Little bird of prey To fly me higher To the brighter day Where the lizard lingers long Under the sun Forgetting the night Darkest July Paris '71 BRIDGE CHORUS 2X SOLO Chorus 2X (Intro on the background) C#m/A | C#m/E | C#m | 2X Chorus 2X, except the last one changes a bit:
A B C#mWe're all gonna waste the dawn
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