6LACK – Thugger's Interlude chords

E       B
E B Going under
E Tryna keep myself from going under
B I've been listening to Young Thugger
E When it's good, it's good
But the question is, are you down to fuck
BWith the other side? (No cap, no rap cap)
E Lately I been bumping trap music
B Don't wanna listen if I can’t dab to it
E 'Cause all that other shit makes me think about all the things
BI don't wanna think about
EBut I'm a hypocrite, 'cause here I am with another slow song
BI'm a hypocrite, singing like a nigga doing no wrong
EEver since I got me a check, I got a check
BThem digits really have them bitches coming for your neck (for your neck)
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