7 Seconds – Walk Together Rock Together tab

Tabbed by: Justin Ash (xoutcastx@hotmail.com) 
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Intro e|--------------------| b|--------------------| this is how you play it, you dont g|--------------------| necessarilly play each powerchord d|--5---7--8--10--5---| once..but those are the ones you a|--3---5--6---8--3---| play..if you listen to the song it e|--------------------| should make sense.
Verse e|-------------------------------------| b|-------------------------------------| i am almost positive this is g|-------------------------------------| how it goes..but if i'm wrong d|--8-----------8------8---------------| i'm sorry.if you know a|--6--8--5--8--6--8---6--5--555555555-| something that is better, by e|-----6--3--6-----6------3--333333333-| all means, please correct me.
Chorus e|--------------------| its exactly like the intro b|--------------------| g|--------------------| d|--5---7--8--10--5---| a|--3---5--6---8--3---| e|--------------------|
this song is amoung the classic songs on the punk/hardcore scene..yet another song about unity..like so many others..its a great song..i figured since it wasnt up here i'd take the liberty of posting it see ya in the pit, Justin
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