77 Bombay Street - Miss You Girl chords

Miss You Girl (77 Bombay Street)

Intro: Dm Am, Am Dm | 2x
Dm Am I lie on my bed, on a moonless night,
Dm AmI’m still awake, I’can`t sleep tonight,
Pre Chorus
Dm Am EmMy thoughts belong to you, `cause I, I love you
Chorus C G I miss you girl, D Em
C G‘cause you`re not by my side,
D Emand I`m alone tonight,
C G I miss your love, D Em
C G DI wanna hold you tight in my arms,
Verse 2: Same as first. Instrumental: [Em] [C] [G] [D] | 4x [Em]Do you re[C]member when you [G]called me every [D]day, [Em]just to hear me [C]breathe when you had [G]nothing left to [D]say, [Em]but now you`re [C]gone away, I [G]wonder where you [D]are, [Em]my love is [C]real for ever, [G]you`ll be in my [D]heart [Em] I [C]miss you [G]girl, [D] [Em] ‘cause you`re [C]not by my [G]side, and I`m a[D]lone ton[Em]ight, I [C]miss your [G]love, [D] [Em] I wanna [C]hold you [G]tight in my [D]arms, [Em] (Fading) nana...i wanna hold you tight...nanan...i wanna hold you tight...nanana... you now my love is true, and I`m missing you, tonight
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