If Only She Knew tab with lyrics by Oar - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Oar – If Only She Knew tab

hey everyone...this is my first tab, im 100% sure its correct though..here it goes

pretty much the whole verse and chorus is played as follows
G, then B, with a quick slide up to c, and then d.  Play all barre chords..

if you have any questions, email me at qcylax944@hotmail.com

E--3--7-8--10-------------------------------------------------------|B--3--7-8--10-------------------------------------------------------|G--4--8-9--11-------------------------------------------------------|D--5--9-10-12-------------------------------------------------------|A--5--9-10-12-------------------------------------------------------|E--3--7-8--10-------------------------------------------------------|theres alot of muting and chord bouncing, so you just have to listen to the song
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