Oar – This Town tab

Tabbed By: Tony Amodio

Im pretty sure this is 100% Correct.  Good Luck


E|--------4----------------------------------|B|----------7--4h5p4---4--4h5p4---4----------|G|--4-4-4------------6----------6---6--4-----| RepeatD|----------------------------------------6--|A|-------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------|
In the morning wake me up And tell me everything So I can understand your world And you can understand my dream Yeah I could be anywhere And you could be there with me But I just want to be a ghost And see everything Listen to the song for the rythm and play an open chord between chord changes. PRE CHORUS
E|---------------|B|---------------|G|---------------|D|--2--4--6--8---|A|--2--4--6--8---|E|-----2--4--6---|I don't want it to be the way they want it
This Town, this night, this crowd Come on put them up, let me hear it loud This Town, this city, this crowd Stand up on your feet put your worry down
E|--------------|B|--------------|G|--------1-----|2XD|--6--4--2--4--|A|--6--4--2--4--|E|--4--2-----2--|And everyone of you all around Come on ya'll let's take this town
E|------------------------B|------------------------G|--1--4--6-----1---------D|--2--4--6--4--2--6--4---A|--2--2--4--4--2--6--4---E|-----------2-----4--2---"On our own let's get away Nothing more left here to see Come on love make it perfect More and more I will believe Like a child I must believe Come on ya'll make it perfect"
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