Oar - War Song tab

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This is what I have tabbed out so far. I will continue working on it but figured 
that I might as well post it now

Gtr I (E A D G B E) - 'War Song'

  Gtr I
Am      C
Oh my God 
G            E                 Am    C
Tell me this won't last forever 
G            E             Am     C
Tell me that I'm not alone
G            E                  Am     C     E 
Tell me this will come together now

Lead guitar |------------------------------------------------------------------||---------------5--------------------------------------------------||-------4-5---5---7-4------------5--------4-5---5-7-4---------5----||-7---7-----7---------5--5---5-----7----7-----7-------5---5-----7--||---7----------------------7---7------7-----------------7---7------||------------------------------------------------------------------|
Am Packed my things up just the other day C Said my goodbyes to all these things I've saved F Out in the driveway we laugh under the moon G Among my friends for now but I'll be leavin' soon
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