Oar - Earthward tab

Of A Revolution - Earthward

This was the song that was removed from the Souls Aflame album.
But you can easily download it from pretty much anywhere. Its a
real easy song to play. The lyrics aren't 100% exact though. If
anyone knows the solo or bass line please post.


C - Em - Am - G

(listen to the song for the rhythm):

If one guitar plays the chords over the other rhythm it sounds
really cool

F G CE--5-5-5---7-7-7---12-12-12--|B--6-6-6---8-8-8---13-13-13--|G----------------------------|D----------------------------|A----------------------------|E----------------------------|
Love is never enough Throughout time This song's(?) given up Will kept me standing alone If only I could have one dance I could move on my own In tattered daydreams that slip through the night I'm a prince king warrior And I'm moving things right But every daydream Leaves me awake every night If I was a bird I'd spread my wings Take off and fly (Chorus) I had the swirl and ache From sprays of honeysuckle That when they're gathered break Dew on the knuckle. I craved small sweets, but those seemed small when I was young The petal of the rose was stung So in this dream I walk with my head heald high Cause here I'll live forever and never die I see my soul straight ahead with his eyes locked on mine If I should wake right now I'd rather be blind And in these dreams with love together we'd stand I slip falling to Earthward and I can't reach your hand (Chorus) My eyes open wide and I've lost myself I'm laying here in my bed theres nobody else Surrounded by questions hate can look so cold(?) I clasp my hands together and pray ask what its all for Its easy for me to slip away and live on the air If we'd all let love live we would all be there But time has a way of saying it time to move on So off to my kingdom I go where I feel at home (Chorus)
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