Oar – Revisited tab

Artist: Of A Revolution
Song Title: Revisited
Album: In Between Now And Then
Tabbed by: Shaun Snider
Standard Tuning

Intro (bass riff) if your on a guitar, you might want to play the notes on the D
and G strings one octave lower

-------- Intro (guitar 1/ acoustic): ---------
----------- Intro (guitar 2/electric or acoustic) ----------- (Enters w/ sax) Guitar 2 can either play: A Bm GDA or A Bm D A Guitar 2 can also play guitar 1's part. ------------ Prechorus: ------------ Same as verse parts for both guitars, except sounds best if they are just strummed once for each chord. ---------- Chorus: ---------- G D A It is best if open chords are used, especially for the G, it gives it a huge sound. -------- Reggae!: -------- Use Barre chords, play on the upbeat, and guitar 2 can use a wah for fun.
A Bm D Ae|-x-5-x-7-x-10-x-5B|-x-5-x-7-x-10-x-5G|-x-6-x-7-x-11-x-6D|-x-7-x-9-x-12-x-7A|-x-7-x-9-x-12-x-7E|-x-5-x-7-x-10-x-5
Thats all, have fun
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