Oar - One Shot tab

Song: One Shot
Band: O.A.R.
Album: Live from Madison Square Garden (Disc 1)
Tabbed by: O-52-A-50-R

*This hasn't been tabbed yet so heres my tab

Intro: (All Barre Chords)

|-1---3---1-1---3----1-||-1---5---3-3---3----1-||-2---5---3-3---4----2-| (2x)|-3---5---3-3---5-or-3-||-3---3---1-1---5----3-||-1---3---1-1---3----1-|
Verse: (For Sax Solo before the first verse strum and during actual verse play with reggae style)
Me Brand New Say, I Say! (Pre-chorus):
Chorus: (One Shot Part)
|-1-1---3-3--||-1-1---5-5--||-2-2---5-5--| (Repeat until “Stranger” Part)|-3-3---5-5--||-3-3---3-3--||-1-1---3-3--|
(Stranger Part)
During some choruses he goes into an extended stranger part (Around the world). an Aminor chord or the other chord I posted sounds about right.
*There’s a sax solo around 2:30 in the song and there is no guitar during that part, but the solo this is played over and over (reggae-like)
That is also played during the bridge (which leads into another chorus)
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