Oasis - Soldier On tab

Title: Soldier On
Artist: Oasis
Album: Dig Out Your Soul

Tempo: 76 bpm

Note: Capo 2nd fret

E5 (022xxx)
Em (022000)
B (x2444x)
Asus2 (x02200)
Bsus4/F# (2x2200)

Intro:[Bass Riff] E5G|----------------------------|----------------------------|D|----------------------------|----------------------------|A|9--9--9---7-9-7-9---9-7---7-|9--9--9---7-9-7-9---9-7---7-|E|------------------------9---|------------------------9---| X4
Verse 1: Em Hold the line B Friend of mine Asus2 Sing a song Em Soldier on Shine a light For me tonight Don't be long Soldier on Bsus4/F# Em La la la x 4 Break: [Intro X2] Verse 2: Who's to say That you were right And I was wrong Soldier on Come the day Come the night I'll be gone Soldier on La la la x 4 Break: [Intro X2] Outro: Em Soldier on x 12
[Harmonica Part]E|------------12----------|---------12-------------|B|------------------------|------------14----------|G|11----------------------|------------------------|D|------------------------|------------------------|A|------------------------|------------------------|E|------------------------|------------------------|
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