Oasis – Waiting For The Rapture tab

Title: Waiting For The Rapture
Artist: Oasis
Album: Dig Out Your Soul

Notes: I based this tab on the alternate recording released on the bonus disc to Dig Out
Soul.  It’s a much more acoustic style song.  This tab can still be applied to the song
the regular release, as it’s just “open neck” translations of the power chords used in 
album version.

Tempo: The tempo of this version is best described as a ticking clock.  With the first
of the chord being played in a down-stroke (representing the tic) and the second part of
chord being played in an up-stroke (representing the tock).  This style of play creates 
very syncopated sound and feeling.

Hope this version proves better than the previous submissions

Standard Tuning:

Am    (x02210)
Dsus2 (x00230)
Fmaj7 (x33210)
C     (x32010)
E     (022100)

Intro: AmE|------0-------0-------0-------0---|B|------1-------1-------1-------1---|G|--2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---|D|--2-------2-------2-------2-------|A|--0-------0-------0-------0-------|D|----------------------------------| x4
Verse 1: Am Dsus2 I still don't know what I was waiting for Fmaj7 Am A big love to fall down from the sky Am Dsus2 She took my hand and picked me up off the floor Fmaj7 Am She put an apple in my eye Chorus: C Am I said I'm tired__________ Fmaj7 Am Come get me off the merry-go-round C Am I'm wired__________________ Fmaj7 Am Come feed me and then bring me down Verse 2: Am Dsus2 She come up to me, I can't remember what she said Fmaj7 Am Cause I was in a trance and I forgot it all Am Dsus2 I bet you don't know about all that, Revolution in her head Fjam7 Am She make a lover seem so magical Chorus: C Am She said I'm tired_________ Fmaj7 Am Come get me off the merry-go-round I'm wired Fmaj7 Well heaven must of sent you E To save me from the rapture... yeah, yeah, yeaaaaheeyy Instrumental Bridge |--C-----Am-----Fmaj7-----C-- | x2 Chorus 2: C Am I'm tired___________ Fmaj7 C Come get me off the merry-go-round C Am I'm wired___________ Fmaj7 C Come feed me and then bring me down Outro: |--C-----Fmaj7--| x4 End on: |--C--|
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