Oasis - Digsy Diner Easy tab

e: Sun, 10 May 1998 18:37:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Raul & Dimitri's Flying Nuns Inc." 
Subject: o/oasis/digsy_diner_easy.tab

Artist: Oasis
Title: Digsy's Diner
Album: Definitely Maybe
Words and Music by: Noel Gallagher
Tabbed By: James Whittingham

I was trying to figure out this song, one of my favorites, and I couldn't
quite make what Fred Lidskog  had put up already, so
i put this together for all you folks out there like me who really aren't
that good, but really try.

This is a kick ass song, and here's my simplified version of the solo, the
chords to the rest of the song go like this:

order of parts:

(Repeat last line twice)


A                    C#m              D                E
What a life it would be, If you could come to mine for tea,
              Dsus2           E7               D7     A  Asus4  A  
I'll pick you up at half past three we'll have lasaaaagne.
A                    C#m              D                E
I'll Treat you like a queen, feed you strawberries and cream, 
          Dsus2               E7              D7   A  Asus4  A  
Then your friends will all go green from my lasaaaagne.


F#                                  A     Asus4   A  Asus4   A
These could be the best days of our lives,
Bm                                       C#m
But I don't think we've been living very wise,
She said, "Oh, no no no."

And here's the solo:

e|--3--2--3--4--3--2--3--3--3--0------||B|-----------------------------------:|| RepeatG|------------------------------------||
And here's the end(just a little A-Asus4-A thingy):
And that's all feel free to write me with comments or questions James Whittingham
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