Oasis – Rock N Roll Star tab ver. 2

b=bend (3b4 means bend the string at the 3rd fret to make the note that
the string would make if it was played at the 4th fret without bending.)

Verse 1 ------- [NOTE: all "B"'s below played with "main riff"] B I live my life in the city B There's no easy way out C#m A B The day's moving just too fast for me B Need some time in the sunshee-ine B Gotta slow it right down C#m A B The day's moving just too fast for me Pre-chorus ---------- G#m E I live my life for the stars that shine B And people say it's just a waste of time G#m E Then they said I should feed my head B But that to me was just a day in bed G#m E I'll take my car and drive real far B To where they're not concerned about the way we are A Cos in my mind my dreams are real F# Are you concerned about the way I feel
Chorus------ A E B (w/ main riff) Toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight I'm a rock n' roll stare--5---5--------------0-----B--5---5--------------0-----G--6---6--------------1-----D--7---7-----------2--2-----A--7---7-----------2--2-----E--5---5---3b4-----0--0-----
Bridge------A E ?You're not down with who I am look at you now you're all in my hands e------------0--------------------------3----- B------------0--------------------------3----- G------------1--------------------------1-----
D------------2-------------------------------- A------------2-------------------------------- E----3---2---0-------------------------------- B (w/main riff) [NOTE: I have no idea whatTonight! that "?" chord is, or if it's correct!]
[SOLO over chords B C#m A B] [VERSE 1 repeat] [Pre-chorus repeat] [Chorus repeat] Here, song goes to an "A", then starts alternating between "F#" and "E", then Liam starts singing "It's just rock and roll" and the alternation between "F# and "E" starts getting faster, and that's the end of the song.
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