Oasis – This Is The Life tab

Same chords for each verse and same for each chorus

Great song, Calder is a genius!


B   A   G(Bar chords)

G E(x4)

Verse 1

G E           G           E
I feel like a rock n roll star
G E           G           E
I know I am a rock n roll star
G E             G      E
I will play the Barrowlands
G         E     G    E
Just like Dylan once did, It's Just A


C         E
Matter of time
C         E
Matter of time
C         E(hold) 
Matter of time(hold for longer)
C         E

Verse 2

Living for the festvial vibes

Where everyone sings and dances

Sex and drugs and rock n roll

There is nothing that beats this


This Is The Life(x3)

Verse 3

What have you got ahead of you

Dead end jobs, whata shame

You didn't act, take your dream

Don't let it slip, while its still there


Dont let it go(x3)

Verse 4

I am always on the move

You are all standing still

Nothing changes round here

You all follow society, this is


Not for me(x3)
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