Oasis – Supersonic tab ver. 4

Oasis - Supersonic

Standard tuning (E A D G B e)

Chords used: F#m11 A B7 F# B E C#e--0------0---2---2---2---0--4--B--0------2---0---2---4---0--6--G--2------2---2---3---4---1--6--D--4------2---1---4---4---2--6--A--4------0---2---4---2---2--4--E--x------x---x---2---x---0--x--
Intro: F#m11 A B7e--------0--------|-----------------|B----------0------|-----------------|G------2-----2----|-2----2------2---| Repeat 3xD----4---------4--|-2----2------1---|A--4-------------4|-0----0------2---|E-----------------|-----------------|
F# A B I need to be myself F# A B I can't be no one else F# A B I'm feeling supersonic give me gin & tonic F# A B You can have it all, but how much do you want it F# F# A B You make me laugh F# A B Give me your autograph F# A B Can I ride with you in your BMW F# A B You can sail with me in my yellow submarine E You need to find out 'cos no ones gonna tell you F# What I'm on about E You need to find a way for what you want to say C# (or C#7) But before tomorrow Chorus: ------- NOTE: Preferably use barre chords E:x79997 A:577655 B:799877 E A 'Cos my friend said B F# He'd take you home E A B He sits in the corner F# All alone E A B F# He lives under a waterfall E A B F# Nobody can see him E A B F# Nobody could ever hear him call Solo: ----
e----------------------------------|----------12----------------------| B-13-12-10-12-10---------10--------|-13-12-10----13-12-10-----------10| G----------------11-9-11----11-9---|----------------------9-11-9-11---| D----------------------------------|----------------------------------| A----------------------------------|----------------------------------| E----------------------------------|----------------------------------|
Repeat 2x then slide B-string from 10 to 2 into F# chord (Same as 1st verse) You need to be youself You can't be no one else I know a girl called Ailsa She's into alka-seltza She sniffs it through a cane On a supersonic train And she makes me laugh I've got her autograph She done it with a doctor On a helicopter She sniffed it in a tissue Selling the big issue When she finds out No ones's gonna tell her what I'm on about You need to find away for What you want to say But before tomorrow (repeat chorus twice) (outro is the solo repeated) tabbed by Marius Heide e-mail me at mariushei@hotmail.com questions or comments
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