Oasis - Importance Of Being Idle chords version 2

Artist: Oasis
album: Don'y Believe The Truth
Year: 2005
Composer: Noel Gallagher

Am - Em

Am - F - C - Bm - E 

I sold my soul for the second time
Cos the man dont pay me
I begged my landlord for some more time
He said son the bills are waiting

My best friend called me the other night
He say Man - you crazy
My girlfriend told me to get a life
She said boy - you lazy

Dm - Am(3x)
F - G - E

But I dont mind
As long as theres a bed beneath the stars that shine
Ill be fine, if you give me a minute A mans got a limit
I cant get a life if my hearts not in it

Am - F - C - Bm - E(4x)


Am - Em(4x)

Am - F - C - Bm - E

I lost my faith in the summer time
Cos it dont stop raining
The sky all day is as black as night
But Im not complaining

I begged my doctor for one more line
He say Son - words fail me
It aint your place to be killing time
I guess Im just lazy


Am - E(4x)
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