Oasis – All Around The World chords ver. 2

Easiest way to play this tune!

CAPO 2nd freth 

INTRO:  A   E   D   F#m   E   (X2)


A EIt's a bit early in the midnight hour for me
D F#m ETo go through all the things I wanna be
A EI don't believe in everything I see
D F#m E You know I'm blind so why d'you disagree? BRIDGE:
B DTake me away, cause I just dont wanna stay
F#mAnd the lies you make me say
EAre getting deeper every day
F AThese are crazy days but they make me shine
D E E DTime keeps rolling by
A All Around The World,
B you gotta spread the word
DTell em what you heard,
Awere gonna make a better day
All Around The World,
Byou gotta spread the word
DTell em what you heard,
A D D E Ayou knows its gonna be okay
Verse 2,3 and Chorus 2,3 are the same. I hope you got the idea. Thanks to Peter (georgiarose16 - youtube). Also, you can contact me. (lavrik69@gmail.com) ENJOY!!! Tom
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