Oasis - Heart Of A Star tab

(You've got) The heart of a star - Oasis

G   (320033)  D/F# (200230)or D4/F# (200233)
C   (x32010)  Em   (022000)or Em7   (022033)
C/B (x2x010)  Am   (x02210)

G        C C/B Am G x2

G        D/F#  Em
G        D/F#  Em

C  C/B  Am  C  G
C  C/B  Am  C  C  C/B  Am(hold)

G D/F# Em      G D/F# Em                   G         C    C/B  Am  C   C/B  Am
                   ....cos you've got the heart of star...
Verse, Pre-chorus & Chorus

G  D/F#  Em  C  C/B Am C D4   x2

Pre-chorus2, Chorus 2

I don't have the lyrics

by Victor rotciv@globo.com
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