Oasis - Live Forever Acoustic tab version 1

                                    Oasis - Live Forever
                                      Definitely Maybe

This is an alternative version played acoustically by Noel Gallagher on Canadian radio 
If you want to hear it let me know.

 Chords Used:

             G       (320033)
             Dsus4   (xx0233)
             A7sus4  (x02033)
             Cadd9   (x32033)
             Em7     (022033)
             Fsus2   (x33010)
             Am7     (xo2010)

Note: It's important to hammer-on when changing to the Dsus4 chord during the verses)

 Intro:    | G     | Dsus4     | A7sus4    | Cadd9  Dsus4

 Verse 1: 

           G               Dsus4
           Maybe,  I don't really wanna know
           How your garden grows,
                Cadd9           Dsus4
           Cause  I  just wanna' fly,
           G                Dsus4
           Lately,  did you ever feel the pain
           In the morning rain
                 Cadd9            Dsus4      Em7
           As it soaks you to the bone.

 Chorus 1:         

          (Em7)                Dsus4
           Maybe I just wanna' fly,
           I wanna' live I don't wanna' die,
           Maybe I just wanna' breathe,
                Dsus4             Em7
           Maybe  I  just don't believe,
           Maybe your the same as me,
           We see things they'll never see,
           You & I are gonna' live forever

 Verse 2:   As Verse 1

 Chorus 2:  As Chorus 1

 Solo:      Chords as Verse 1 & Chorus 2

 Verse 3:   As Verse 1

 Chorus 3:  As Chorus 1 then

            Am7               Fsus2
               Gonna' live forever           x2
            Am7                    Fsus2
               We're gonna' live forever      x4  then

        |   Am7  |   Fsus2  |   Am7    x5
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