Obadiah Parker - Fall Back tab

This is my first tab, let me no what you think.

the song is pretty much the same thing all the way through with a change at the 
end in the sped up section.

capo 3 C C/B C/A C/B|---------------------------------------------------------------||---1-111-1-1-111-1-1-111-1-1-111-1-1-111-1-1-111-1-1-111-11-11-||---------------------------------------------------------------||---2-222-2-2-222-2-2-222-2-2-222-2-2-222-2-2-222-2-2-222-22-22-|repeated|-3-3-333-3-3-333-2-2-222-2-2-222-0-0-000-0-0-000-0-0-000-00-22-||---------------------------------------------------------------|
The section at the end starting "1,2,3,4" goes A G F# F|-------------------------------------||-------------------------------------||-------------------------------------||-77777777-55555555-44444444-33333333-||-77777777-55555555-44444444-33333333-||-55555555-33333333-22222222-11111111-|
thats all.
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