Obrien Richard – Once In A While tab

Once In A While  

A                        F#m 
Once in a while when the wind lies sleeping
A                           F#m    D
Deep in the night there's a silent light
     C#m         D          C#m      D       Bm7                C#7
That glows in my heart just barely a spark a gentle reminder of you

A                          F#m
Sometimes I walk where the streets hang empty
A                            F#m     D
Far from the crowd where the shadows fall
  C#m        D            C#m          D        Bm7        B7
I sample the sound of the rain falling down and let go the past

   A                G
And once in a while I still can smile
    D                 A               B7  Dm
And face the day in a better way it's tru-ue
A               D            E         A     C#m  D
Once in a while I'm still in love with you

There will be times when the grey clouds come
They'll cover the sky try to hide the sun
They'll stand in my way but I'll make it okay I'm living this life after you

Sometimes I walk where the sea meets the river
I carry a torch calling out your name
I'll savor the sound of the waves as they pound and let go the mask

Chorus +
A         F#m    A         F#m   Bm           E         A
Once in a while, once in a while I'm still in love with you

by: José Duarte
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