Ocean Colour Scene – The Circle tab

     D         A
Saturday afternoon
Bm            G                   D
The sunshine pours like wine
            A5     G5  F#m  E5
Through your window.
      D        A
And I know
        Bm         G               D
Golden June can turn an empty grey
             A      G5  F#m  E5
Against your window
And I feel like
I'm outside
     D      A  Bm  G
Of a Circle

VERSE 2: (chords as for verse 1)
If I walked (...if I walked, if I walked...)
By the trees I'll catch the falling leaves
If the wind blows
But I know (...but I know, but I know...)
All this means is whiling on the hours
Watching sideshows
And I've seen a lot
On the outside
Of a circle
C       G                   A
Will I turn my coat to the rain
I don't know
C       G                    A    G  A
But I'm going somewhere I can warm my bones.
VERSE 3: (chords as for verse 1)
Fare you well (...fare you well....)
I'll carry me away
And sing for those I know
I won't feel like    )
I'm on the outside,  ) x2
Of a circle
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