Ocean Colour Scene - Up On The Downside chords

Capo on 2nd fret
chords used
Em - xx2453
A - 542225
F#m - xx4222
B = x24442

strumming pattern (v-down stroke, ^-up stroke)
^ v ^v ^  v  v^v

Em A F#m B

(same strumming as intro)
EmThis England made me
ABetween the war and a rockets flying
F#mYou found the crib it saves me
BAnd teach me wrong and right
EmThen the world was talking
ABut never got its chance to say
F#mWhen there's too much talking
BNobody hears a word you say
Chorus Strumming: v v ^ v^v^v
EmAnd you won't see
AAnd baby now I won't hear
F#mThese blind communications
BOnly last throughout the year
EmAnd half of what we're saying
AIs halfway near the truth
F#mAnd blind communications
BFor a million hearts and fools
Verse Em I am A witness
ATo a land of a million fools
F#mAll placing bets on life
BAnd hate the ones who lose
EmAnd all who�re lonely
AAnd never get the chance to say
F#mThat their one and only
BWould be the chance to even play
Chorus Solo (same as chorus) Verse
EmHello Monday
AThe weekend's just a blur
F#mI've been burning bridges
BAnd now I'm begging at your door
EmSo I'll keep on working
A'Cause it's a chance for me to pay
F#mBut too much talking
BWhen you believed the words I say
Chorus (repeat to end)
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