Ocean Colour Scene – Mechanical Wonder tab

Into riff (played in other parts throughout song)

Riff 2 (after intro riff)e|----------------------------------------------------------|B|---------7-7-5---5-7--------------------------------------|G|---------------7------------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------|
Verse A The mechanical wonder is E Is just a noise in my room D And i'm chasing the wonder and E its just a hole in my tune (SECOND GUITAR PLAYS RIFF 2 HERE) A And the radio plays but it E But it don't sing a song D The mechanical thunder is E What is all going on (AND HERE) A And i walk down the road E And i awake in a tune D And the mechanical thunder is E Just a noise in my room (INTRO RIFF REPEATED) Chorus A And we rode it once E On a thundering night D So I'll walk with you E Where the locks take flight (second riff again after chorus) (Repeat verse 1 for second verse) (Repeat chorus) (Repeat verse 1 for third verse)
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