Ocean Colour Scene – You Are Amazing tab

Title: You are amazing

Author: Ocean Colour Scene

Album: Mechanical Wonder

Tabbed By: Reuben Simons 
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Amaj7=xx2120   im not sure about this chord, 
but i think it sounds right. any corrections please email me: reubensimons@hotmail.com

Verse 1:
Amaj7	     A
You are amazing
        A    D 
its the truth
Amaj7		A
And its often fading
        A    D
Without you

I dont feel the wind blow
I dont feel the hard rock
I dont feel it when it
D	    A
Breaks your heart
I dont feel it all get
D		 A    D  A
Too far from the start

Verse 2:
You are a lady
Its the truth
And its often shady
Behind you

Chorus 2:
I don't feel the hollow
I dont feel it all broke
I dont need it when you
Make your mark
I don't live in malice
I need a morning heart

Chorus 3:
Standing here and hollow
Its the only thing broke
Then it shakes you and it
Makes you start
Like a singing widow
Which wont mend your heart

You are amazing
Its the truth
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