Ocean Colour Scene - Something For Me chords

Tabbed by: willianrm

G DYou were arriving
G DOf this I'm sure
C GYou were just hiding
D (Bm) DAll around your door
G DThat would be telling
G DAnd it's not for free
C GYou're all the rage
D (Bm) DWhen you're out with me
C DGotta do something
C DSomething for free
C D G G/F# EmGotta do something for me
C DIt ain't complaining
C DAh just you see
C D GGotta do something for me
G DYou won't be foolish
G DOf this I'm sure
C G But I'm feeling used
D (Bm) DWhen I'm round your door
G DThat ain't complaining
G DAh just you see
C GYou're like the same
D (Bm) DWhen it's not for me
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