Ocean Colour Scene - Just A Little Bit Of Love chords version 2

Just A Little Bit Of Love

verse 1 
Cmaj7 Down town breaks the moring sun...
Fmaj7 Don't give a stupid thought
GDon't hang you head on words
F What you needs not far away
Fm its on you face so keep on smiling
Chorus 1
C Just a little bit of love
C7 Just a little bit more
F But your so hard to please
Fm Shut behind you door
C But heeeeeeeeyyyyy i'm not
G Stupid im just in
F Fm C love
verse 2 as 1 bridge
G all of the time you say your fine but I
F Know your not
G You hide away your own mistakes but you
F Know there not
Fm and they'll shout out loud
Chorus 3 as 1 and 2
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