Ocean Colour Scene - Oh Collector tab

band: ocean colour scene
Tab: oh collector

Verse 1:
   A		     Em
Oh Collector, I’m so sorry
You had the notion
I was rolling
In the money
Oh, I’m sorry
But I’ll pay you
No Worry

A	   Em
Let’s Sing Softly
G	   D
Let’s Sing Softly
A     Em
Oh so softly
G      D
Not so heavy

Verse 2:
I’ve been heavy
with my fortune
Like a crystal
and a hammer
I’m so sorry
Oh Collector
I’m away now
In a hurry

Repeat Chorus Eme:-3--------------------------| (repeat in middle (slightly different))B:---5-3b---------------------|G:--------0-3bh---2p0---------|D:--------------------2-0-----|A:----------------------------|E:------------------------0---|
Middle: Em Get up all you fighters A Dont you lie here now Em Get up all you fighters A Dont you lie here now Verse 3: Oh Collector You had it coming It was that funny We were rolling Oh Collector We’re so sorry and we’ll pay you No Worry Repeat Chorus x3
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