Ocean Colour Scene – North Atlantic Drift tab

Title: 		North Atlantic Drift
Author: 	Ocean Colour Scene
Album: 		North Atlantic Drift
TAB BY:         James McNealy

Intro: G F#/G Em De:-12-12-10-5-7---12-12-10-5-7-----12-12-10-5-7---12-12-10-5-5------------|B:-12-12-10-5-8---12-12-10-5-8-----12-12-10-5-8---12-12-10-5-5------------|G:------------------------------------------------------------------------|D:------------------------------------------------------------------------|A:------------------------------------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------------------------------------|(Played through chorus also)
Chorus: G F#/G Meanwhile Rome burns Em D Meanwhile Rome burns Verse 1: G Its a cultural shift F#/G its the North Atlantic Drift Em Americana C And rule Britannia G F#/G and the moon, yes we own that to Em And where the Euphrates C meets the other rivers G is now the home F#/G of the devil and the liar Em And the pyre we plan to make C G F#/G Em C Is just the drift leaving its wake, home Chorus Verse 2: And the films you want to watch And the films you want to make And the kids, like lost angels dressed in black sensations And the shift, won’t shake And the drift, won’t break with billions of Diamonds growing like colours and the drift owns the coffers Chorus repeat to fade
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