Ocean Hero – Between Me And You tab

Ocean Hero, Between Me & You
Ocean Hero
Between Me & You 
Words/Music Shawn Michael Loughran

Intro Riff:(let all notes ring)E--5--3----5--3----|--10---9-------10---12-------|B---7---7---7---7--|----12----12-----12-----12---|G------7-7-----7-7-|--------12--12--------12--12-|D-0--0----0--0-----|-0----0-------0----0---------|A------------------|-----------------------------|E------------------|-----------------------------|
Verse: [D]Through the smoke and mirror the message is [G]clear...etc
F6add9 Cadd9 G (3 times)E-3 3 3B-3 3 3G-2 0 0D-3 2 0A-X 3 2E-X x 3Chorus: F6add9/Cadd9/G/// (3 times) I will go there...etc I will promise to [F]keep this be[C]tween me & [G]you
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