Odd And Idle – Five Pint Song tab

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Subject: TAB: Five Pint Song "Odd & Idle"

Music & Lyrics: Daniel Tukia

Tuning: DADGAD (Dsus4)

This is a pretty easy song to play and it contains only three basic
chords. Be sure to get that crosspicking pattern in the intro right
and try out some own rhythms and patterns with these chords. Just
remember to build the song up towards the end. For example: pick
verse 1 & 2, strum verse 3 & 4 and then drop down again to picking
verse 5 ("Five and I'm broke...") Make sure you let all notes ring
throughout. At the very end, strum natural harmonics at the 5th fret
on the top 4 strings. Good luck!
(Listen to the song: http://hem.passagen.se/tukia)

Intro/Verse 1,2

d |-----0-----------------0-------|a |--------------------0------0---|g |--------0--------0-------------| (Play 4 times)d |---9---------------------9---9-|a |------------7------------------|d |5------------------------------|
d |-----0-----------------0-------|a |-----------------0---------0---|g |--------0-----------0----------| (Play 4 times)d |---0--------0------------0---0-|a |-------------------------------|d |0------------------------------|
Verse 3,4 Strum the following chords (Listen to the song for the exact rhythm)
d |--0------0-------| |--0----|a |--0------0-------| |--0----|g |--0------0-------| (4 bars) |--0----| (4 bars)d |--9------9-------| |--0----|a |--9------7-------| |--0----|d |--5------5-------| |--0----|
Verse 5
d |-----0-----------------0-------|a |--------------------0------0---|g |--------0--------0-------------| (Play 4 times)d |---9---------------------9---9-| (Ritardando 4th time)a |------------7------------------|d |5------------------------------|
N.H.d |-----0----------------5--------|a |----0----------------5---------|g |---0----------------5----------|d |--0----------------5-----------|a |-0-----------------------------|d |0------------------------------|
Symbols: N.H. Natural harmonic Copyright 2000 Odd & Idle (http://hem.passagen.se/tukia/) Please feel free to e-mail your comments or questions! dantuk-0@student.luth.se
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