Of Monsters And Men - Slow And Steady chords

Hey all, this is my first tab so be kind... lol. The strum pattern changes throughout 
the song so just listen for the changes.

*Note - The F# is a walk note, not the actual chord.

Of Monsters and Men
My Head Is An Animal (2012 NA/European release)
Track 4
Capo 4

Intro: G - C
G C G (F#) The lights go out, I am all alone
G C G (F#) All the trees outside are buried in the snow
G C G (F#) I spend my night dancing with my own shadow
G C GAnd it holds me and it never lets me go
G CI move slow and steady
Em AmBut I feel like a waterfall
G CYeah, I move slow and steady
Em AmPast the ones that I used to know
[Verse 2] My dear old friend, take me for a spin Two wolves in the dark, running in the wind I'm letting go, but I've never felt better Passing by all the monsters in my head [Chorus] [Tag]
G CAnd I'm never ready
G (F#)'Cause I know, I know, I know
G CThat time won't let me
G Em AmShow what I want to show
[Chorus] [Tag] And I'm never ready 'Cause I know, I know, I know That time won't let me Show what I want to show [Outro] Outro Chords: G - C - Em - Am Piano bit for guitar:
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