Love Love Love tab with lyrics by Of Monsters And Men - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Of Monsters And Men – Love Love Love tab

So here are the chords Nanna plays in live versions of this song
The Solo parts for guitar

Love            Love             Love
Beautiful song, beautiful voice, beautiful Nanna!

So let's go!

...ohhh wait! Important information:
Hear the song for the strumming pattern!

Tuning: EADGBE (standard)

Capo 7


Am    = x|0|2|2|1|0
Am/B  = x|2|0|2|1|0
C     = x|3|2|0|1|0
F*    = x|x|3|2|1|(0)
G*    = 3|2|0|0|1|(0)
Em*   = 0|2|2|0|1|(0)
"*" - probably not the correct chord name but who cares...?

  Am  Am/B   C       Am   Am/B  C       Am   Am/B  C        Am  Am/B   C

(e----------------------------------------------------------5----3------| B-5----3----5--------5----3----1--------5----3----5-----------5---5-3-1| G----------------------------------------------------------------------| D----------------------------------------------------------------------| A----------------------------------------------------------------------| E----------------------------------------------------------------------|)
-Verse 1: Am Am/B C Am Well, maybe I'm a crook for stealing your heart away Am/B C And maybe I'm a crook for not caring for it Am Am/B C Am Am/B Yeah, maybe I'm a bad, bad, bad... bad person C Well, baby I know -Verse 2: And these fingertips will never run through your skin Those bright blue eyes can't only meet mine Across the room filled with people that are less important than you -Chorus: F* G* C 'Cause you love, love, love Em* When you know I can't love you F* G* C You love, love, love Em* When your know I can't love you F* G* C You love, love, love Em* F* G* When you know I can't love you -Interlude (same as Intro+Solo) -Verse 3: So I think it's best we both forget Before we dwell on it The way you held me so tight all through the night Til it was near morning -Chorus (2x) -Outro (same as Intro+solo) +
Am Am/B C Am Am/B C e-5----3--------------5----3--------------5----3------| B----5---5-3-1-----------5---5-3-1-----------5---5-3-1| G-----------------------------------------------------| D-----------------------------------------------------| A-----------------------------------------------------| E-----------------------------------------------------|
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