Of Montreal – Youve Got A Gift tab

Em      F    Bb
        Ooh, ooh ooh

        F    Bb
        Ooh, ooh ooh

        F    Bb       Bb                    F#      C
        Ooh, ooh ooh. I can see that you're rubbing off

           F            Dm
        on everyone you know.

               B              Db       D         E
        You're rubbing off on me i can feel your incredible glow.

        Bb              F#    C        F              Dm
        I can hear your happy voice in other people's voices.

        B               Db        D         E
        I can hear your beautiful voice sometimes when i speak.

        Gm                   Dm           Bm           Bbm
        You've got a special gift. Do you see how your changing the

        A      F#m     D        E
        world, just by hanging around?

                G       E               D       E
        just by hanging around, just by hanging around.


**the rest of the verses follow the same format, then the last 2:30 of the song
is:    F#     D#    F#    D# and so on
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