Of Montreal - Eros Entropic Tundra chords

Tab author: "Antoine Poliquin-Beauregard" (polisson2@gmail.com)

INTRO : FMAJ7 - E - FMAJ7 - G - A

A AmAll I ever get is sad love
Dm Bb C Ewhile watching all my friends find their happy love
Am F G F AI don't understand why I should be without love
VERSE 2 (same chords) : All I ever get is sad love always falling for the ones who feel nothing for me Sometimes I think I should just forget about love CHORUS :
DmI was walking with my parents
F Ethrough St. Peter's park
Bb Eb DWhen I saw a young couple with a child
G# C GThey were all holding hands and smiling
Gm B EThey seemed very nice, seemed to have a nice life
VERSE 3 (same chords) : All I ever get is sad love feeling incomplete and below being loved I don't know why it has been so hard to find love VERSE 4 (same chords) : All I ever get is sad love the unrequited kind is all I have procured And it was nothing at all like what I've heard about love BRIDGE :
F C7 DmWithout love life has no great reward
Bb Am leaving us damaged or feeling so bored
C#m7b5 D Devoid of memories nothing to record
F E7 Wishing the ones that we adore loved us more
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