Of Montreal – My Friend Will Be Me chords

F#   244322
Bb7   *13334
Gm#   466444
E   022100
B2   *24442
Bdim(?)   *13130
A   *02220
G7#   464574
Cm#   *46654
E2   020130
Am   *022100
C#(?)   *45450

Gm#   E 
F# I wish I knew a man
Someone to steal me from this sadness
Bb7 I wish I knew a girl
Who'd run her fingers through my hair and kiss me
Gm# E Wish I didn't have to pretend
B2 That when I'm talking to the floor I'm talking to you
Bdim(?) If I had a friend
A G7# Cm#Then such stupid things I'd never have to do
G7# F# I wish I had a friend
E E2I wish I had a friend like that
A Am But I know it will never be
E F# B So that friend for me has to come from inside of me
C#(?) A F# My friend will have to be me
and so on
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