Of Montreal – My Favorate Boxer chords

I saw patinahat's tab of this song and I spent 2 hours listening to the song and I noticed he
got it wrong. Thanks for trying though, patrick. Following these chords should help you sound
 just like the band. Kevin Barnes is about as good a songwriter as you can get, by the way!

"My Favorite Boxer"-Written by Kevin Barnes Performed by of Montreal-----------------------In the beginning the guitar plays higher in the neck besides the barred chords in therest of the song.-The G minor F Ebm to A- B A/Dm F7 Bb/Dm G/Eb Eb/Cm*e-10----------------6-8-10-8---8-------5----10------------------b-11----------10----7-7-7-7----7---6---6-----8----8----8------6g-12----------10----8-8-8-8----8---7---7----10----7----8------5d-12----------10---------------7---8---7-----8----8----8------5a- ---------------------------------------------------10------4*comes later in the song. I put it up here to save space.
Here are the lyrics with chords. The Bb to A/Dm is the only part that I am not totally convinced is correct, but I couldn't interpret that spot easily and the A/Dm is similar enough. "My Favorite Boxer"-Written by Kevin Barnes Performed by of Montreal ----------------------- (Gm)Hector (F)Ormano’s my (Ebm)favorite box(A-)er He(Bb) goes(A/Dm) sma(F7)sho and E(Bb)very(Bb/Dm) one(F7) (G/Eb)Cheers (F) (Gm)He turns big (F)men to (Ebm)whimpering co(A-)wards (Bb)He’s (A/Dm)so (F7)strong and (Bb)how (Bb/Dm)I (F7)ad (G/Eb)ore (F)him Change to Ab 2/4: But (Cm)im so (Db)weak So much so that(Eb)I’m(Ab)afraid to walk alone down my street (Db)I know I’ll(Eb/Cm)never be as brave as (D)Hector Ormano! Change to Db 2/8(?): (Db)One (Ab)summer (Bbm)day I was (Ab)sitting (Gb)on the bridge(Ab) (Ab7)Looking at the water be(Db)low
(Db)When I hear (C7)some (Bbm)laughter and a fa(Ab)mili(Gb)ar voice(Ab)Coming from down the road(Ab)
It was (Eb/Cm)then that I saw and my (Ab)heart nearly dropped I saw (Eb/Cm) Hector Ormano with some (Gb)friends And (Ab)as they approached my (Gb)mind went blank As I (Ab)struggled to find the words I was (Ab7)dying to (Db)tell him (Bbm)(Fm)(Gb)(Ab->7)(Db) (Db)As Hector (Ab)walked (Bbm)by he picked up a (Ab)stick And (Ab7)threw it at my (Db)head
(Db)His friends (Ab)went (Bbm)quiet and (Ab)Hector said to me(Ab7)What are you looking at (Db)wimp?
(Db)HHHHHEEEECCCTTTTTOOOORRRR!!!!!! Back to Bb 4/4: (Gm)Hector Or(F)mano’s my (Ebm)favorite box(A-)er (Bb)Ev(A/Dm)en (F7)thought he (Bb)was (Bb/Dm)mean (F7)to (G/Eb) me. (F) (Gm)My father (F)thinks im a (Ebm)meaningless no (A-)one (Bb)Compared (A/Dm)to the (F7)perfect (Bb)Hec (Bb/Dm)tor (F7)Or (G/Eb)ma (F)no
if you have any comments, corrections, or want to rave about of Montreal contact me at phriendlybeast@hotmail.com BEAST, not bear. dont be confused.
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