Of Montreal - Spike The Senses tab

This song's kind of challenging, but very satisfying. Listen to the song and you'll get it.

Intro: B7 E7E|-----------------------------0-----------|B|--------0----------------------------3---|G|----------------2--------1--------1------|D|-----1-------1--------2--------2---------|A|--2-------2------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------|
With phaser: Bbm7 Am7 Am7 Dm7 Every second of every minute of the day Em7 Dm7 G I let my fancy play C Fmaj7 And if the feeling strikes me A7 Dm7 Cmsus4* I deliquesce in the sky without waving goodbye *Cmsus4 Am7 E|--3-- While contemplating B|--6-- Dm7 G|--4-- a fractured pale cathedral wall D|--5-- Em7 Dm7 G A|--3-- death can't touch me at all E|--3-- C Fmaj7 Let its rapacious fingers with A7 Dm7 Cmsus4 venomous stingers try Bridge part: C#maj7 G# x3
and riff to go along with it:E|----------------------------------------------------------|B|--6------4-------------6----/11\9--6----4-----------------|G|------------6--5---------------------------6--5-----------|D|------------------8\6----------------------------8--6-----|A|----------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus: E G Try to find a way to spike the senses D till everything goes white (repeat chords for first verse) I had a vision of vinyl spiders in a cage and now I avoid the stage 'Cause though it was a trifle I still can't stifle the fear that they might just reappear Try to find a way to spike the senses till everything goes white Coda: Bb Fmaj7 Climbing climbing climbing never falling A7 Bb If it was up to me I'd break the clouds Am Gm let them fall and grip to the sea Bb I think the chemicals have done A D some evil thing to me **You may want to try and find a substitute for the C major chord during the verses, is probably something that would sound better.**
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