Off With Their Heads - Five Across The Eyes chords

Artist: Off With Their HeadsSong: Five Across the EyesAlbum: All Things Move Toward Their EndTabbed By: King Of SuedeE-mail: kingofsuede(at)
Intro: B
BI can't believe I'm not over you.
F# Now I don't know what to do,
E F#so I guess I'll get fucked up
Band hopefully fall asleep soon.
Now there's nothing left for me to do
F#but sit alone in my room.
EThe restraining order won't
F# Blet me get close to you.
E BI had a different way of loving you.
F#You wouldn't answer your phone
Eso I'd burn my fingers,
Bbut I knew the next time I'd try calling you
F#that you'd be home.
EI'd ask the reasons why you love me,
Band why did you ever want to be with me.
F#Was I just there to piss off daddy?
E F#Just please don't go until I figure
Bout what's wrong with me.
Interlude: B F# B F# E F# E F#
E BBut that was such a long fucking time ago.
F#You might think it would get old
Erehashing things in my life,
Bbut I don't have a say in it.
F# EI realize that I'm a selfish, mean, sad excuse
of a human being, and it dawns on me
Bthat you don't deserve me anyway
E B Deserve me anyway (x3)
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