Offbeatz – I Cant Sing Or Play Guitar tab

The Offbeatz
"I Can't Sing Or Play Guitar"

This is a really really really easy song, its just two 
chords over and over again. 

Main Progression: Emajor - Gmajor

Play it using open chords for most of the song, but play them using power chords every now and then like this:|----------------------|----------------------------||----------------------|----------------------------||----------------------|--9--9--9-------------------||--2--2--2---5--5--5---|--9--9--9--5--5--5----------||--2--2--2---5--5--5---|--7--7--7--5--5--5----------||--0--0--0---3--3--3---|-----------3--3--3----------|
That's it. Theres no solos or interludes or anything like that in the song, its just these few riffs over and over and over again. Any questions or comments email me at peace -nick-
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