Offbeatz – Serenade The Sky tab

The Offbeatz
"Serenade the Sky"

Main Riff (play each chord for 4 beats)|----7------|----7----|---5---|---5-----||----7------|----7----|---5---|---5-----||----9------|----6----|---7---|---6-----||----7------|----7----|---5---|---5-----||----9------|----9----|---7---|---7-----||----7------|----7----|---5---|---5-----|
Riff 2 (play each chord for 8 beats)|--------|-------||--------|-------||--------|-------||---9----|---7---||---9----|---7---||---7----|---5---|
Riff 3 (play each chord for 8 beats)|---2---|---0----||---4---|---2----||---4---|---2----||---4---|---2----||-------|--------||-------|--------|
Solo The solo is all improvised, just play it in a clean tone and alternate between B blues scale and A blues scale (play each scale for 8 beats), and then eventually the whole solo gets moved up to the E blues scale. I'm pretty sure this song is a jazz song, more than anything else, so the solo is pretty much all improvised (so are most of the other solos from this album) That's the whole song. Just alternate between riff's 1, 2 and 3 then play a solo. Any questions or comments, email me at peace. -nick-
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